1986 Ford Mustang

Engine Cooling problem
1986 Ford Mustang V8 Two Wheel Drive Manual

this car hasent ran for 10 years but I just got it and replaced the fuel pump and it runs now real good but it overheats the water pump is new and it has a flex fan with no shroud and no thermostat. Built enough pressure to force water out new cap on radiator
ps notice small leak in heater core but it overheats faster than leak
help please
April 19, 2008.

If it sat for 10 years, there will be rust and scale built up on all the cooling areas! Join the two heater hoses together until you replace the core, if pressure does not build and hold it will overheat, also install a tstat and radiator shroud, it might not overheat while going over 35 mph, but in traffic and still, it will! FLUSH!

Apr 19, 2008.
Sounds like your radiator is plugged. Probably should get a new one. Maybe the bottom 3-4 rows aren't getting any flow at all.

Aug 17, 2008.