2005 Ford Focus

Engine Performance problem
2005 Ford Focus 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 70000 miles

Purchased new air filter and cannot figure out how to open the container to put it in. I removed the two screws in front and one on back left side. Is there a button?
March 16, 2009.

No there is no button but make sure you got all the screws out and then just pry at it some times those housings can be stubborn and don't want to come off easily

Mar 17, 2009.
On the contrary, be careful as to which air filter system you have. There are two: One filter type is mounted near the firewall, above the brake booster. This is a disposable-paper type with four screws, usually a combo of flat blade or 8mm hex.

The other filter type is near the radiator, further down in the engine compartment. This is a factory permanent foam type. Not servicable. It is expected to last the life of the car. Don't try to pry this one open.

The two types are easily distinguished. Just follow the air intake snorkel hose. It'll either go to the firewall, or stay near the front of the car towards the radiator.

Mar 18, 2009.