2001 Ford Focus

Electrical problem
2001 Ford Focus 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 80,000 miles

Hi, I changed the battery on my ford focus and now the Hazard light on the dash is stuck on solid red, the brake lights and signals will not work. The upper light on the hatch back will work. The Radio was also not working but after checking the fuses I found only one not burnt out and now the radio works. I tried disconecting the battery and then re-connecting it but it did not improve the situation.
Any suggestions.
December 1, 2008.

Turn on and off the 4 way switch (hazard switch )
I would suspect a bad flasher and or a multifunction switch

its NOT the brake light switch, because 3rd light is working

good luck

Dec 1, 2008.
Check fuse no. 33 15amp and no. 59 7.5 amp

Dec 1, 2008.
Thanks for your reply. Where is the location of these switches and how do you check if you have a bad flasher?

Dec 1, 2008.
Turn 4 way flasher on
does it work?

WARNING: Deactivate air bag system before performing any service operation involving steering column components
. DO NOT apply electrical power to any component on steering column without first deactivating air bag system. Air bag may deploy.

Steering column switches consist of a multifunction switch, ignition switch and wiper/washer switch. The multifunction switch controls hazards, turn signals headlight high beams, wiper/washers and flash-to-pass feature

Multifunction switch resistance test
Left turn check resistance between terminals 1&2
Right turn check resistance between terminals 2&3
resistance should be greater than 10k/ohms

Dec 2, 2008.