2000 Ford Focus

We're not sure where the oil leak is! The smell of burning oil is coming through the air vents and is only intermittent (approx. Every travelled 10-15 kilometers or idling 15-20 minutes). No indication of oil drips on floor. Oil pressure guage is reading okay. No indication of lost oil from oil reservoir either. Any suggestions as to where we might look to track down this and quell the stinky odor? ? Thanks in advance. : )
January 12, 2006.

I have the same thing occuring on my 2001 focus. I have no oil marks on my driveway and my oil level is not low. Any suggestions?

Jul 3, 2006.
I had the exact problem with my car. The problem with my focus was the valve cover gasket. The old one was letting the smallest bit of oil out and cooking on the exhaust header. The old gasket was brittle and stiff. I did this change around 150,000 miles on my focus. I hope this helps you guys.

The repair is so so so easy for the DIY. A gasket can be purchased for around $40 at an autoparts dealer.

Apr 2, 2008.