1988 Ford Festiva

Electrical problem
1988 Ford Festiva 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 130000 miles

I went out to start my car and it would turn the car on but would not start so itook off the cover and when I did my ignition came out in severa peices, how would I go about replacing the ignition
March 30, 2008.

If it needs replaced just get a new switch from a JY or something. Unplug a the wires connected to the switch from under the dash. Remove the two mounting bolts either with some needle nose vise grips or by cutting a slot in the head with a dremel and remove them with a flat screwdriver. Then install the new switch.

Make sure when buying a new switch at a JY that you get the key with it or you will have to have one made at a locksmith shop or something. Also I would get all the door cylinders too. That way you will only need the one key.

Jun 12, 2008.