2007 Ford F-450

Computer problem
2007 Ford F-450 V12 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 10,068 miles

The vehicle is a RV and towing a car. While driving the check engine gauges light came on and the oil pressure gauge flips to " L" for about 2to3 seconds, it did 3times then the light went out. I check the oil and it was alright. What do you tnink
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October 20, 2010.

You will need to replace the alternator failry soon

Dec 20, 2010.
If the engine didn't make any knocking or ticking when this happened, chances are the oil sending unit is bad. Check that first. If it did make noise, you will need to check oil pressure using a mechanical gauge. It just screws into where the sending unit is located. Using that, you will see exactly what the oil pressure is and if it is low or actually dropping to 0psi. If it is losing pressure, the oil pan needs removed and the oil pump should be checked. However, with only 10K on the engine, this shouldn't be the issue.