1989 Ford F-250

While searching the internet trying to find a solution I have came to this website. I found a post submitted by someone else that is very similiar to my problem but the answer does not help me.

*****question I found******
Question: I have a 1989 Lincoln Continental with 125000 miles on it. Occasionally I will find some coolant under the car; it does not leak a lot. I checked all hoses, water pump and radiator but could not find any leak but I do see the timing chain cover is wet. Can you help me to solve this problem?

Answer: A leaking intake manifold gasket or timing chain cover gasket may be causing your coolant problem. Occasionally the chain cover corrodes and leaks.

*****my question/problem*****
my water pump is doing the same thing. Its a 5.0 out of an 1989 mustang. Instead of just leaking a little out of the 2 back holes on the timing chain cover it is blowing huge amounts of water through when the engine comes up to temperature or is taken above 5000 rpm's. I have taken off/replaced the water pump gasket four times now and I get the same results everytime. I am very " car knolegable" but I cannot figure out why this is happening. Everytime the gasket is being blown apart right where those 2 holes are at. Both surfaces have been very clean each time I have replace the gasket. Pleaaase help! Im tired of this problem. I can supply pictures if this is unclear. **This has nothing to do with the timing chain cover gasket, definatly water pump side** oh and yes, it is a new water pump
January 30, 2007.

Pics never hurt. There are different length bolts that need to be right if I remember. May have noting to do with it.

I'll take some pics today. Im pretty sure I have all the right bolts in the right place, im using all originals but 1

Feb 3, 2007.
How did you clean the mating surfaces?