2003 Ford F-250

Engine Performance problem
2003 Ford F250 V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 116000 miles

Hiya, I have a 2003 F250 Diesel Super Duty turbocharger @116000 miles. The truck feels like it is missing on a cylinder at idle. Upon constant acceleration it runs good and no problems are noted. When I get to cruising speed and throttle back then any additional movement (other than a hard acceleration) on the fuel pedal causes the engine to stumble. Feels like I am driving over an extremely rough road. If I accelerate hard it will then again run good. On some occasions--NOT ALWAYS--it acts and sounds like it is back firing through a carburetor. Which of it doesn't have. Exhaust soot is black and glistens. I have changed both fuel filters and have been adding CETANE fuel additive.
April 29, 2010.

First let me say, I'm not a diesel tech, but there are a few Tech bulletins on this truck, if the production date(white label on driver's door jamb) is before 9/30/2003:
6.0L DIESEL - VARIOUS DRIVEABILITY CONDITIONS TECHNICAL SERVICE BULLETIN Reference Number(s): 05-11-5, Date of Issue: June 13, 2005 Related Ref Number(s): 05-11-5 ARTICLE BEGINNING DESCRIPTION 6.0L DIESEL - VARIOUS DRIVEABILITY CONDITIONS - 6.0L DIESEL - VEHICLES BUILT BEFORE 9/30/2003 ISSUE Some 2003-2004 F-Series Super Duty and Excursion vehicles built before 9/30/2003 and equipped with the 6.0L diesel engine, may exhibit any of the following conditions: RPM surge at idle, audible EGR surge, low power/smoke/rough idle following a cold start that corrects after engine is warm, buck/jerk on resume in speed control, or diagnostic trouble code (DTC) P1729. ACTION Reprogram the powertrain control module (PCM), transmission control module (TCM), and fuel injection control module (FICM) to the latest calibration using WDS release B37.4 or higher. Calibration files may also be obtained at FORD: 2003-2004 Excursion, F-Super Duty NOTE: THIS CALIBRATION ALSO REDUCES THE EGR ON-TIME DURING EXTENDED IDLE. Page 1 of 1 4/30/2010 ...

Apr 30, 2010.
Merlin 2021
Thanks for your input.I did come across a reference to reprogramming those modules. However brother nothing personal, the intent here was to have a diesel mechanic give me an opinion before I have to run it into the shop. By well intention " friends" I have been told a whole slew of things from fuel filters, fuel pump, air leak to harmonic balancer to burnt valves and bad crankshaft. So, I would still like a diesel mechanic's opinion. Thanks though.

Apr 30, 2010.
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May 2, 2010.
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I did put it in the Moderator forum, Sorry no one got back to you. Unsure if we have a diesl tech right now or not. Contact Mike for a refund. We will not steal your money! PM Mike. Sorry for your trouble. The other thing is did you scan for codes yet? Misfires will show up as P0300=random multiple misfires, or specific cylinder misfires P0301, P0302, P0303 etc. And Ford did recall some Diesel crankshaft position sensors, call Ford service with your VIN to see if yours needs the new sensor.

May 8, 2010.
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2CarPros Mike
May 18, 2010.
HI there,

Just picked up on this one, sorry that it was not attended to, you may already have had this attended to but I will give you my thoughts.

The black smoke will be over fueling and the glistening effect can be a bit of oil by-passing the mail turbo seal, this will have to be investigated first hand to make a more complete diagnosis, the stumbling can be the result of a poor injector spray patten, the actual spray of fuel is critical for the combustion process, this is actually a controlled continuous burn that increases as the fuel is delivered, if the spray is not in a fine mist and more inclined to dribble or spray of set and be heavier in one portion of the chamber, uneven burning will result and a (miss fire) condition can result, under load this is not as critical as at idle and transition to high load conditions, I would be getting the comps tested, the injectors serviced and the turbo seal checked, start here.

Mark (mhpautos)

May 19, 2010.