2003 Ford F-250

Electrical problem
2003 Ford F250 V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 85000 miles

Crew Cab Lariat V10 Super Duty. The door ajar light and dome lights stay on all the time. A dealer had a computer hooked up to it and the computer says all 4 doors are shut while the door ajar light stays on. I have had the instrument panel, GEM, junction box and the driver door switch replaced with no result. Can you suggest where to look for the cause.
April 12, 2008.

I usually find the problem to be the door ajar switch in the latch of the door that is least used. To repair it all I do is spray brake cleaner inside the latches to remove the dirt and oil then I spray the hell out of it with wd40 then open and close the door a million times. Its either that or a wire rubbed through somewhere.

Apr 13, 2008.
Spray the latches with a light lubricant such as wd-40. That usually takes care of the dome light issue.