2002 Ford F-250

Electrical problem
2002 Ford F250 V12 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 114000 miles

I came home yesterday after driving in the dark, turned headlights off went into the house. After a couple of hours I noticed lights shining thru my front door. Went to to find my headlights on. Truck was off, light switch was off. When I turn the light switch on the headlights seem to get brighter. High beams all work. Pulled every fuse associated with the headlamps and nothing. Some one told me it might be the DRL's but in the three years i've owned the truck not once have the headlights been on during the day. Any help would be great.
November 3, 2009.

Welcome to the forum, was it high or low beams that were on? The drl effects low beam, you will have low beam at reduced voltage. When you turn on the headlamp switch, that bypasses drl and the low beam gets full voltage. My info shows vehicle with and without drl, I don't know if you have drl or not?

Nov 3, 2009.
I believe it was low beams, although they were dimmer than normal. When the truck is on and the light switch is on the lights come on but are brighter. As far as I know I do not have DRL's.

Nov 3, 2009.