1997 Ford F-250

I'm replacing the rotors and pads on this truck. The Haynes manual I have makes it sound like the rotors should just come off easily. After getting the rotor loose from the flange on the hub I'm realizing that the hub DOES have to come off prior to the rotor coming off. I popped the manual lockout cover to find that there is not a retaing " nut" persay it looks like i'm going to need a special wrench to remove the hub to get the rotor off. Am I correct or is there a much easier way to remove the rotor? Thanks CGlaser
September 13, 2006.

You are correct, there is a special socket that is used for that job.

2CarPros Ken
Sep 13, 2006.
Make sure you look up in there real close some times they use a retaining wire to keep the nut from backing off if you been that wire it is a real drag. The socke is not like a usual socket it has rounded corners and I think it is a 2 1/4 in socket. I have to go to the shop tomorrow to look up some specs and I will look for sure on the socket so you can get the right one I bought mine in a set there is like 6 different ones.(NOS)

Sep 15, 2006.