1999 Ford F-150

Engine Mechanical problem
1999 Ford F150 V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 130000 miles

I noticed a black vacuum type hose bundled with a red and green hose located to the left against the firewall. The red and green(maybe blue it's faded)connected to two connection points which also have electrical connections. The black hose is not connected to anything and I can't find anywhere it would go, doesn't seen to affect perfornance, it has a sort of bend in the last couple of inches.I just replaced the upper vacuum tank as it was busted.I had been looking for any other possible leaks and noticed the hose, it is not connected to the vacuum side but goes downward on the left side of the engine.
June 18, 2010.

Is thre any vacuum to it when the engine is running?

With the engine running it does not pull any vacuum. This is a plastic line, there is no swell near the end of it like the ones with rubber boots, just curved near the end.

Jun 18, 2010.
If it is plastic, chances are it broke and the other end is hidden in a place you can't see it. Have you tried spraying starting fluid around the area where it may have been to see if the RPM's go up? If you do it, be careful. It could catch fire if it hits an area that is hot enough on the engine.

It doesn't appear broken and doesn't seem to have any effect on anything.I have an excellent picture of it but I can't get it to appear here.

Jun 19, 2010.