1997 Ford F-150

Drive Train Axles Bearings problem
1997 Ford F150 V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 183000 miles

I pulled the truck into the garage, put wires back on the cigarette lighter that wasn't working. When I pulled the truck out of the garage the 4X4 and Low Range lights were on and the truck is in 4X4 low range. Turning the switch back and forth did nothing. I replaced the switch thinking it had mysteriously gone bad, evidently it didn't go bad. I checked all the fuses, none of them were bad. I checked all the plugs under the dash, they all are ok. Nothing is clicking in the transfer case or front end like it should and used to at all. It does nothing as if the switch isn't connected, it is of course. I've tried switching it under several different conditions, in park, nuetral, drive, reverse, brake on, off motor running, shut off, key on and off. Nothing is happening at all. It's stuck in low range.
John Stout
October 24, 2008.

Step on brakes
place shifter in neutral
truck not moving
select 4 hi

need manual CHECK IT @

Oct 24, 2008.