1996 Ford F-150

Electrical problem
1996 Ford F150 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic

I have two fuel tanks. The rear tank will register fuel, but when I switch to the front tank it will not register. The tank is full of fuel
January 30, 2009.

Turn ignition switch to OFF position. Disconnect electrical connector from fuel tank selector valve.
Turn ignition switch to ON position. Jumper connector terminals for rear fuel tank. Gauge should read fuel level in rear tank. Move selector switch to front tank. Jumper connector terminals for front fuel tank. Gauge should read level in front fuel tank. If fuel gauge reads fuel level in front and rear fuel tanks, replace fuel tank selector valve. If fuel gauge does not indicate fuel level in front and rear fuel tanks, check for faulty fuel gauge, fuel level sensor and/or wiring. Repair or replace as necessary.

Dave H
Jan 30, 2009.