1995 Ford F-150

Steering problem
1995 Ford F150 V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 238K miles

Power steering has a loud " buzzing-whine" sound when the wheel is turned. The pump has been replaced with a NAPA pump 3 times and the steering gear box replaced due to failure. The steering works as should, but emits the loud noise. I was told " it is normal Ford design" but I do not hear it in other trucks similiar to mine. PLEASE help. I love the truck, but can't stand the whinning! Thanks, Jim
J R Mcewen
November 1, 2009.

Have you bled the new pump? Also, I will say this. Ford has had a lot of trouble with their pumps. Everyone that I have seen replaced with an aftermarket makes noise. The only soultion I have found is a factory part.

Let me know about bleeding it.


Hi Joe, thanks for your fast reply. Yes, all pumps were bled. (Two professionally installed) They all were NAPA rebuilds. They sound like small hydraulic pistons buzzing very loudly especially during turning. I read in a forum that someone adapted a Thunderbird pump to their F-150 and it worked and someone else changed the size of the pulley. I had not considered OEM. I know it would be expensive, but would be worth it if it would quiet the whine. Do you think it would be a risk to buy one just to find out it might still whine? How about a junkyard OEM if one can be found? Thanks, Jim

J R Mcewen
Nov 2, 2009.
If you can find one on a salvage yard, go for it. As far as a dealer, explain the problem and have them guarantee it will fix the problem. As far as cost, it will be more expensive.

Thanks Joe for your help. I'll pursue it per your advise. I can assume then that steering noise is NOT completely in the design. I appreciate your knowledge and time. I 'm of an engineering mind and can work logicially on the problem, but I don't have your mechanical skill and experience. Jim

J R Mcewen
Nov 3, 2009.
Glad to help. Let me know how things work out for you.

PS: I have a brother-in-law that has the same problem after replacing the pump with an aftermarket. I told him not to do it, but he insisted that I use the cheaper pump. Now it's a running joke in the family that I use junk parts.