1994 Ford F-150

Transmission problem
1994 Ford F150 V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 123k miles

Changed rear brakes and wheel cylinders and now I can't get the truck into gear. Any gear. The shift lever just slides through the range and on the way back to park it grinds a bit in reverse. Also, the ABS light is on. Any ideas on where to start looking? Any information would be appreciated.
August 22, 2008.

Lets grab the codes as a first step: RETRIEVING TROUBLE CODES Ensure ignition switch is in RUN position (engine does not need to be running). Locate Black test connector. See COMPONENT LOCATIONS. Connector has 2 mating halves. One has a Black/Orange wire; other has a Red wire. Disconnect connector. Connect jumper wire to connector terminal with Black/Orange wire. Ground other end of jumper wire for 2 seconds. When ground circuit is completed then broken, Yellow REAR ANTI-LOCK warning light will flash trouble code. Code will repeat until ignition is turned off. Code consists of a number of short flashes followed by one long flash. Count each flash, short and long, to determine code number. For example: short, short, long, is Code 3. Perform appropriate code test after retrieving code. A Code 16 indicates system is operating properly. If Yellow light does not flash, go to TEST D - YELLOW LIGHT CHECK OKAY, BUT DOESN'T FLASH TROUBLE CODE under PRE-CHECK TESTS. Page 1 of 1 ANTI-LOCK BRAKE SYSTEM - REAR WHEEL -1994 Ford Pickup F150 8/23/2008
Test Connector is under the right side of the dash, below right corner of the glove box.
This is the TSB for your tranny symtoms: AODE/4R70W DELAYED OR NO FORWARD/REVERSE ENGAGEMENT TECHNICAL SERVICE BULLETIN Reference Number(s): 94-26-9,  Date of Issue:   December 26, 1994 Related Ref Number(s): 94-26-9 ARTICLE BEGINNING CONDITIONS TRANSMISSION - AODE/4R70W - DELAYED OR NO FORWARD ENGAGEMENT TRANSMISSION - AODE/4R70W - LOSS OF FORWARD AND REVERSE ENGAGEMENT AND/OR HIGHER ENGINE RPM THAN EXPECTED ON ACCELERATION FROM A STOP APPLICATION Model(s): Ford: 1992-94 Crown Victoria 1994 Mustang, Thunderbird Lincoln-Mercury: 1992-94 Grand Marquis, Town Car 1993-94 Mark VIII 1994 Cougar Light Truck: 1994 E-150, F-150, F-250 Bulletin No: 94-26-9 Date: December 26, 1994 ISSUE Some vehicles may have one or more of the following concerns:  No forward engagement  Delayed forward engagement  No reverse engagement  Higher engine RPM than expected on acceleration from a stop THIS MAY BE CAUSED BY:  A cross leak between the forward and reverse clutch circuits in the main control during high engine speeds in reverse (e.G. 3000+ RPM for vehicles stuck in snow sand mud or other similar conditions).  Wear of the Stator Support Rear Bushing causing wear of the #4 Seal Ring and resulting in Forward Clutch and/or Overdrive Band damage. ACTION Refer to the following Service Procedure to determine the proper part replacement. SERVICE PROCEDURE 1. Inspect the #3 and #4 seal ring area and the rear bushing on the Stator Support. See Fig. 1. Fig. 1: Inspecting Stator Support 2. Replace the Stator Support with a new Stator Support (F4AZ-7A108-A) which has a rear U- groove bushing. 3. Inspect the mating area of the Forward Clutch Cylinder and Input Shaft Assembly. See Fig. 2. Fig. 2: Inspecting Forward Clutch Cylinder 4. Replace the assembly if the area is grooved or shows an indication of excessive wear. 5. When the main control is removed for service, check the large valve body reinforcing plate. If it is the original plate (0.140" (3.5 mm) thick and no ID. Notch on the edge) install a main control reinforcing plate service kit (F4AZ-7F282-A) ( Fig. 3 and Fig. 4 ) and perform normal repair procedures. Refer to the following for kit contents. Fig. 3: Valve Body Reinforcing Plate Installation Fig. 4: New & Old Style Valve Body Reinforcing Plates The service kit (F4AZ-7F282-A) includes the following:  One (1) Valve Body Reinforcing Plate  Four (4) Bolts M6 - 1.0 x 18mm  One (1) Instruction Sheet #6782 PARTS INFORMATION NOTE: This stator support must be used with #3 and #4 ID/OD chamfered cast iron seal rings (F4AZ-7D019-A). Part Name Part Number Class Valve Body Reinforcing Kit F4AZ-7F282-A A Stator Support And Bushing Assembly F4AZ-7Al08-A A Cast Iron Seal Ring F4AZ-7D019-A C Page 2 of 3 AODE/4R70W DELAYED OR NO FORWARD/REVERSE ENGAGEMENT -1994 For. 8/23/2008

Aug 23, 2008.