1993 Ford F-150

Clutch went to floor and did not return when I first noticed problem. Pulled clutch pedal out with foot and it seemed to be fine except there was alot more play on the pedal after that. I checked reservoir and it was empty. Filled with the proper fluid and, with my wife, attempted to bleed air out of system. We got an initial pop of air oout of bleed and then fluid. Attempted to do this a couple of times to ensure air was out but the clutch pedal now was totally without pressure and just loosely went to floor and has not returned on its own since.
Does anyone have any suggestions? I had the master cylinder replaced last year almost exactly. Slave cylinder?
Easy replacement for a minimally mechanically inclined person?

thanks in advance,

November 12, 2006.

Not easy as I believe it is internal to the tranny. The fact you have the problem is possibly slave or master but I suspect the source is a loose connection on the lines and more air in the system.

Bruce Hunt
Nov 13, 2006.
I appreciate your wisdom. The slave is internal and I have had a couple of quotes(all being around the $1000 mark).

I am hoping like crazy it is a loose connection.

Thanks again,


Nov 13, 2006.