2005 Ford Explorer

Brakes problem
2005 Ford Explorer 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic

Last weekend, I tried to replace the rear brakes in our 2005 Ford Explorer. Everthing went fine until it came to removing the old rotors. I had the rotors loose but they would not come off due to the emergency brake or at least I think what was holding it on. I did not want to pound on it to hard for fear of breaking it. Any help would be neccessary!
January 12, 2009.

After the caliper is off, Whack the rotor with a hammer and spin it and whack it again. IT will work off. If anything let's go, it was probably ready to replace anyways.

Remove the brake pads. For additional information, refer to BRAKE PADS.
NOTE: If the brake disc binds on the parking brake shoe and lining, remove the adjustment hole knockout panel or access plug and contract the parking brake shoe and lining.

NOTE: If the brake disc cannot be removed easily, apply rust penetrant on the brake disc-to-hub mating surfaces.

Remove the brake disc.

Dave H
Jan 12, 2009.
Up here in snow and salt country, the adjusters aren't too cooperative too often. Almost all of them I do, I have to remove the adjuster and free it, clean it and lube it.

I have a 2005 ford explorer sport the passenger side rear brake caliper is loose the 2 bolts have been tighten the the pads are still loose not by much but when I brake it makes a grinding noise the rotor is in good condition please help with some advice

Aug 11, 2012.