2002 Ford Explorer

2002 Ford Explorer 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 80000 miles

I have water pouring from a square plastic tube about 1 1/2 inches long underneath the drivers side between the rear of the engine and the transmission pan. Any suggestions where the water is coming from? It only pours out when the engine is running. The water is oderless with a slight oily texture. I'm wondering if it's condensation from the heater core.
May 6, 2010.

Are you using the AC? Could it be condensation from that? Is the coolant level going down in the radiator? Also, the heater won't create condensation.

Let me know.


Thanks Joe. The fluid pouring out smells like antifreeze. It drains with the motor running and pours after it has some pressure. I'm wondering what that tube is attached to. I have one of the enclosed radiators so the only way I can see the coolant level is thru the overflow tank and it is low but has some coolant. I haven't let it run much since yesterday when I first saw the leak. The truck has not overheated yet. Could I have a defective water pump? Is that tube some sort of overflow from the engine. I can replace the waterpump and thermostat, but I've never seen a tube sticking out from under the engine like that AC seems fine. No wet interior. Thanks

May 7, 2010.
Is it possible for you to send a picture for me to see? If it is coming from a tube, I feel it is the tube for the AC that prevents condensation from the AC from going in the car. If I am correct, I feel the problem is the heater core. If you turn the heater on and blow the heat through the vents, can you smell coolant?

I thought it may be the heater core so I bypassed it and when I test drove it to pressurize the radiator, the leak is minimal now and it looks like condensation draining out of that tube. Before it was definately af smell. I did have the af odor inside the truck. Do you think that tube functions as a condensation drain for the ac and some kind of back up drain for the heater core. Thanks very much.


May 10, 2010.
It could be for the AC and catching the coolant.

I'm having the same problem. By passed the heater core and it doesn't leak. Think it's the heater core leaking but not sure

Sep 9, 2012.