Ford Expedition

I have a 2001 Ford Expedition XLT, I believe it is a 6 cyl. The truck has 115,490 miles on it. When I got the truck, I was informed that I could use just regular unleaded gas. But, I normally use the mid-grade unleaded gas in my truck, but lately I have been using the regular unleaded because of the gas prices. Sometimes when I crank my truck, a white cloud of smoke comes from the exhaust. This does not happen often, but enough to be embarrassed. I took the truck to a mechanic and he told me that due to the miles, the smoke could come from the condensation. With me being a female, I am not familiar with know anything about condensation from a vehicle. Would you have any suggestions on what may be the cause of the smoke from my truck, the regular unleaded gas, condensation or maybe something else? Please HELP!
August 22, 2007.

You came to the right place. Your no further behind by doing so anyways : wink: Check the owners maunaul for the coorect octane to use and stay with it.

Short trips that do not heat up the exhaust will cause condensation. I have not seen a case as you describe howver, not to say it isn't possible. Do you drive short trips?

Usually white smoke is a coolantleak that is internal into the engine. Not to say you have that.

Have you been keeping an eye on the coolant level? And has it dropped at all?

Could be coolant. It could also be a bad head gasket. You would know if it's just a mist from condensation.

Hope this helps someone out there.

Jul 13, 2010.