2006 Ford Expedition

Steering problem
2006 Ford Expedition V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 34000 miles

The steering on the vehicle seems to be sluggish as well as choppy when turning the vehicle left or right. At first it came and went but now it appears to be happening all the time. The reservoir level is correct, the fluid still looks red but seems like it smells burnt.I suspect the steering pump or the rack and pinion assembly. Your input is appreciated!
July 14, 2009.

I would start by having the PS system flushed and all new fluid replaced. Also, I believe there is a steering gear in the vehicle not a rack and pinion, so that is one thing to eliminate.

Let me know what you find. Also, make sure the steering components are good including the ball joints.

A mechanic friend of mine also suggested a flush and to use Mercon V instead. Did it yesterday and so far it cured the problem. As for the steering application it is a rack and pinion setup. Thanks very much for your input! You offer excellent advice considering you can't see or hear the vehicle to evaluate the problem. Thanks again

Jul 17, 2009.
I'm glad that took care of the problem. I have the same vehicle (a year older) and it still has a steering gear. Sorry about that.

Take care, and let us know if you have questions in the future.

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