1998 Ford Escort

Engine Mechanical problem
1998 Ford Escort 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 100k+ miles

At the beginning of December 2008 I replaced my fuel pump and fuel filter in my car after it died a few weeks prior.
Everything seemed fine.
. Until it died again a couple weeks ago. Today I replaced the fuel pump, the fuel filter, and the strainer attached to the housing yet my pump just doesn't want to pump any fuel!
When I turn my ignition on my filter makes that fun " buzzing" noise letting me know that it is not getting any fuel and I can hear my pump kind of " clicking".
I'm not sure what else to do!
Please help!
February 1, 2009.

The buzzing noise is usually your fuel pump itself. Turn the key to the run position and listen for the noise, the pump will usually run for 3 to 5 seconds and shut off if the car isnt started, if you start it the pump should continue to run. If its not running there is a lot of cars with electric pumps that have a fuel pump shut off switch usually mounted in the trunk on the side behind the panels, not sure if yours has 1 or not. The purpose for it is if you get into an accident the impact will automatically trigger the switch therfore shutting the pump off so it wont feed a possible fire. Try finding that and press the small red or yellow button to reset it. I had a ford probe and hit a big bump and it triggered the switch, Its worth a try, its easy and free to check it. If thats not the problem check the voltage to the pump and check the relay. And remember, a good ground is just as important as good power, they work together. Good luck, Rod

Bowtie Baby
Feb 2, 2009.