1998 Ford Escort

I have a 98 Ford Escort with 58,000 miles and its an automatic. The car is not firing on cylinders two and three. I replaced the coil crankshaft positioning sensor a the cam shaft positioning sensor as well as the PCM. From the information I know the crank positioning sensor triggers the pcm to fire the coil. All four fuel Injectors are grounding and working correctly however I still cant get it to fire on these two cylinders. I have checked the continuity of the wires from the pcm to the coil pack and they check ok. One wire from pcm to coil pulsates and the red wire has twelve volt with the key on, it is not pulsating on the other wire.
September 9, 2007.

Your spark plug wires may be defective or not connected properly from spark plug to the ignition coil. I am reading the 98 Ford Escort Factory Repair manual. Here is what it says: " Caution: Proper installation of ignition/spark plug wires is critical to engine operation. If one spark plug wire is not properly installed at either the spark plug or the ignition coil, both spark plugs connected to the ignition coil may not fire underload.&Quot; It also says, " Whenever an ignition wire is reinstalled or replaced with a new one, apply a silicone brake caliper grease to the interior surface of the ignition wire boots.

Connection to the ignition coil: Top left (close to cylinder head and intake manifold) #3 spark plug. Top right (close to battery and intake manifold) #2 spark plug. Lower left (close to radiator and cylinder head) #4 spark plug. Lower right (close to battery and radiator) # 1 spark plug

Hope this helps.

Sep 11, 2007.
Replace the coil pack

Sep 11, 2007.