Ford E-Series Van

1989 ford 150 econoline 351 engine I am not getting fuel from the pump
i am not gaetting any voltage at the pump with the van on
is there a selonoid or fuse, or fuseable link that I am missing or do I need to chase a short somewhere
July 15, 2006.

Ok, the path of power for your fule pump is as follows.
Power flows thru Fuse Link M (20 GA BL) and thru a fuel pump relay (Which is controlled by the Electronic Engine Control). It then flows thru an Inertia Switch. After that if you have duel tanks, it goes thru a fuel tank selector switch and to the pump. No duel tanks and just right to the pump. I would check to see if the fuel pump relay is letting power flow thru it. It should be located on the right hand fender apron, near the battery.

Jul 15, 2006.