2006 Ford E-Series Van

Engine problem
2006 Ford E-Series Van V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 25000 miles

This is the second time that this has happen with the van. I turn the key, everything comes on as it should but it just wouldn't crank. I check the starter and i'm getting power but I notice that it's not sparking the way it should when you try to crank it from the starter. Is there any other reason why it wouldn't start if it's not the starter. Some advice please.
December 7, 2007.

Ok are you gettting 12v at the start when the key is turne dto the start position if so and still no crank, take the starter off to verify that the pinion is not jammed in the flywheel! Then try to start it without the starter in the vehicle if it does not turn but is getting 12v from direct battery, then you should replace the starter.

Dec 7, 2007.