2003 Ford Crown Victoria

Electrical problem
2003 Ford Crown Victoria V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic

The wiper moter will only work on high and will not send water to clean. Now it will go on and off and will stop in the up pos. Now it will not work at all.
September 2, 2010.

Have you checked to see if the motor is getting power as well as the washer pump?

I did not but not sure how to check or what pins to check for power water ETC. It looks like the relay fuse by the engine is ok and the fuse in the car looks ok. I assume that if the washer moter is bad the wipers will still work? I did replace the wiper moter and there was small amount of water in the wire clip to the moter I cleand it put it back and still will not work.

Sep 3, 2010.
The washer motor has seperate wires going to it. Check them for power. One is a ground and the other is power.

Sorry I was out sick, but I did try to test the wiper moter but my tester it too big. I did go and get an other wiper moter and switch started with the moter and no luck then with the new moter in I replaced the switch an no luck and then put them back the way it was but now try to find the prob, I hear a click when I put the switch on low or high or push to have water I hear one click per push. I think it is coming from the wiper moter.

Sep 8, 2010.
Have you made sure the motor has a good ground?

I assume. I put the reman moter back in the same way I think. How could I check to make sure and would this problem let me still a clicking when I tunr on the moter (one click per setting) and with the moter not in right would this stop the water from coming out or could the washer moter be bad too.

Sep 9, 2010.
The washer motor is a seperate item. It is located at the bottom of the washer fluid bottle.

Thank you for that but I do know that, what about the wiper moter (clicks when you push the wipers water or on low ECT.) And how is the ground put to the moter IE: by the wires only or by the mount for the moter. Will the washer moter still work if the wiper moter is bad or what if the washer moter is bad will the wiper moter not work? All I know is I put a new reman wiper moter in and when I turn on the wiper to high or low I hear one click but the wipers will not work.

Sep 10, 2010.
As far as the wiper motor and washer motor, one will not stop the other. The ground is made throught the mount to the body. If you only hear one click and the motor doesn't work, check to make sure there is power to the motor. If there is, try running a ground wire from the motor to the a good ground on the body or directly to the battery.