1996 Ford Crown Victoria

Electrical problem
1996 Ford Crown Victoria V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 200000 miles

Car would start but wouldn't switch out of park. Figured out how to get around that, but brake lights are not working. Manual says check fuses. Checked fuses, all good. Replaced many anyway.
Someone mentioned it was probably the " brake light switch.&Quot;

I'm not a mechanic, far from it. I can't find any reference to the location of a brake light switch.

Is this something I can find/replace/buy at an auto parts store?

Despite the mileage the car runs great. But without brake lights I'm dead in the water.

My mechanic recently retired. And my options are few if I " take it in" for repairs. The only guy nearby who does half decent work also has never let me go for under 600 bucks.

I suspect this is not that big of a task.

Any help would be appreciated.
December 16, 2008.

Brake ON/OFF (BOO) SwitchTop of brake pedal support. See Fig. 4 .

Dave H
Dec 16, 2008.