1995 Ford Aerostar

1995 Ford Aerostar 205000 miles

how do I replace the brake lights
September 22, 2009.

Are you replacing the brake lamp assembly or just needing to replace the brake lamp bulb?

Sep 22, 2009.
Brake light bulb needs replacing. I'm not for sure
you would change from the outside or inside the
trunk area.

Sep 24, 2009.
Replace it from the inside.

1. Remove the 4 screws holding the lens assembly to the vehicle. It may have a silicone or a sealer holding it in place, so if it does, slowly pull the assembly towards you as you cut away anything holding it in place after the screws are removed.

2. You can now remove the bulb assembly by holding firm the lamp assembly and twist counter clock wise the bulb socket then pulling straight out from the lamp assembly.

3. To remove the bulb socket from the lamp assembly, push in on the bulb, and twist it clockwise while pulling on it.
The bulb should now be removed.

4. Insert new bulb, twist clockwise to lock it into place.

5. Insert the bulb and socket assembly into the lens assembly and twist the socket clockwise to lock it.

6. Reinstall the lens assembly, then tighten lens assembly screws. Test lights.

Sep 24, 2009.