1995 Ford Aerostar

1995 Ford Aerostar V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 213000 miles

how do I get more speed on my aerostar!
December 17, 2009.

Hi: Is the engine running poorly, or are you trying to get more HP from it?

A no I juss wanted it to have more speed and also hp

Apr 2, 2010.
We normally only deal with stock vehicles. As far as your question, there are many things you can get to increase HP. They make chips for the computer that can do wonders. Go to google and start looking for places that sell such items. The funny thing is, many times you'll get more HP and better fuel mileage.

Let me know if I can help.


Im not sure if my dad is going to keep that car any longer alot of milage 250000 no accidents no technical problems or anything the back right wheel makes whitling sounds randomly and when you step on the breaks the power steering thing the noise is really annying only if those two things get fixed for under 500 dollars I would keep it cuz I dont wanna spend money on it When my dad got it the value was 24,000 13 years ago when I was born now its probably not even a 1,000 bucks ok can u tell me where I could repair the problems
for a cheap amount

Jun 7, 2010.
Is the problem that the power steering is making noise or the rear brakes?

Those are the problems steering noise and rear brake

Jun 10, 2010.
If the PS pump is making noise, first, check to make sure the resivour is full. If it is, all I can tell you is there were a lot of PS pumps replaced because they just went bad.

As far as the rear, do you only hear the noise when using the brakes? Can you describe the noise?

The noise sounds like a bird chirping fast randomly usally makes noise during braking

Jun 12, 2010.
I would recommend checking the rear brakes to make sure they are good, not worn, and have no broken hardware.

Let me know what you find.