1993 Ford Aerostar

Brakes problem
1993 Ford Aerostar

My wife drove our Aerostar van home without brake lights or turn signals. I checked the bulbs, the fuses and the square fuses on the engine wall (control fuses?). The headlights and tail lights work but the van is undrivable without turn signals & brake lights. The hazard lights are also out.
I don't have the education or the money to take it to a mechanic. Please let me know what else I should check because without a vehicle we are sunk.
Thanks, Jeff
October 19, 2010.

It would seem as though your multi function (turn signal) switch is at fault here. The brake light circuit runs through the turn signal switch, as does the hazards and turn signals themselves. With the basics being checked already, I would suggest replacing the turn signal switch.

Oct 19, 2010.