1990 Ford Aerostar

Engine Mechanical problem
1990 Ford Aerostar 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

Hi, I need to know where this fuel pressure regulator is installed so that I can replace it. Thanks
March 4, 2009.

The fuel pressure regulator is attached to fuel supply manifold assembly, downstream of fuel injectors. It regulates fuel pressure supplied to injectors. Regulator is a diaphragm-operated valve with one side responding to fuel pressure and the other side to intake manifold vacuum.
When intake manifold vacuum is low, an internal spring increases pressure on diaphragm, blocking off fuel return passage and increasing fuel pressure. When manifold pressure is high, spring pressure is overcome by vacuum, opening fuel return passage and lowering fuel pressure. Excess fuel is by-passed through regulator and returned to fuel tank.
The regulator also controls fuel line vapor formation, allowing for rapid restarts, assistance in engine idle stabilization and maintenance of fuel pressure when engine is turned off. Pressure is adjusted at factory to compensate for differences in fuel flow among injectors.

Dave H
Mar 4, 2009.