2005 Ford 500

Computer problem
2005 Ford 500 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 50000 miles

How can you tell if the computer has completed the relearn procedure after the battery was disconnected? The vehicle failed an emissions inspection, and the mechanic told us to drive it between 20 and 150 miles so the computer could relearn the settings. He said we have just have to keep having it reinspected to tell if the computer reset, but they charge you the full inspection fee every time! Is there anyway to tell is the reset is complete?
Thank you
October 14, 2010.

It's not the relearn that you are waiting for. It's for all the monitors to reset. That means that every system has to test every situation and pass. The only way to find out if they have all reset is with a scan tool.

Oct 14, 2010.