1992 Eagle Summit

Engine Mechanical problem
1992 Eagle Summit 4 cyl Manual

Hello, I have a '92 Eagle Summit 1.5L and am planning to replace the head gasket to (hopefully) fix a pretty bad oil leak. The only part of this I haven't been able to fully grasp is the procedure relating to timing. I have been gathering bits here and there such as finding TDC, marking the timing belt, and not letting the camshaft rotate after removing the belt, etc. Could someone please detail this part of the procedure from start to finish, including how to secure the camshaft from moving? Obviously I am an amateur and I understand this is a pretty involved procedure, but I don't have a lot invested in this vehicle (it was going to get junked anyways) and I'd like to use this as a learning experience. I have the repair manual but it does not detail the timing procedure to the level that I need.
Thanks for the help
May 6, 2009.

Far to lengthly to post but click on last site of this reply and get Mitchel1 with all info and pic you will need.
Let me know if you have questions
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May 7, 2009.
OK, am now using Mitchel1 as a resource and it has been very informative so far. However, I am having trouble relieving the fuel system pressure. I disconnected the fuel pump connector harness like instructed (located under the rear seat cover) and was supposed to idle the car until the pressure is relieved and the car stops running. The problem is, it won't stop! I ran it for at least 20 minutes, which seems to me much longer than it should take. So, what I'm wondering is: 1- am I being impatient and it just takes a long time to bleed out?
2- is the fuel pump somehow still running? If so, where is it getting its power?
3- is it possible to have pressure in the system without the fuel pump running for some other reason (i.E. Gravity - it's on a slight incline)
4- how the heck do I get the pressure out?

I never thought I'd be desperately trying to get this car to die and failing!

Thanks for any information you can give me.

May 10, 2009.
Try removing fuse # 8 to MPI that should cut power to pump.

May 11, 2009.
I am almost there - can you tell me how to remove the camshaft sprocket? Just turning the bolt rotates the cam, so do I need some kind of special tool?


Jul 13, 2009.
Well seems your getting along well. See the slots cut into cam gear place a large screwdriver into a slot wedge up to head this will keep gear from turning.

Jul 14, 2009.