2006 Dodge Viper

Electrical problem
2006 Dodge Viper V12 Two Wheel Drive Manual 4500 miles

My 06 viper was sitting at body shop for a few days while it was getting a crack fixed in trunk lid. When I went to pick up the car the gauges and stereo were not working at all, not even lighting up and factory keyfob was not working as well (locking and unlocking doors). Shop manager hooked up a scanner and was able to communicate with the BCM and lock/unlock the doors, work the gauges and stereo through the scanner, but once the scanner is unhooked the above mentioned components stop working.

Im positive that the components were working when I drove the car to the body shop. They did not do any welding at all, just fixed the trunk lid and painted a small spot of it. Before I take it to a dealer and get involved in that whole mess, I just wanted to see if there is possibly a easier solution.

Thanks in advance.
March 4, 2010.

Honestly, I have never tried a used one before.I guess if the info was downloaded out of the old and into the new one it should work, but I cant be positive

Mar 29, 2010.