1992 Dodge Truck

Electrical problem
1992 Dodge Truck 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 10000 miles

I have a 1992 Dodge 350. I have not been able to remove the wiper arms so that I can clean out the air intake for the cab, I tried prying the cover up but it only bent the metal under the cover. I assume it's supposed to flip up toward the wiper arm since that is where the hinge is. Thanks for you help! Charlie
November 29, 2008.

To remove the arm from the pivot, lift the arm to permit the latch to be pulled out to the holding position and remove the arm from the pivot with a rocking motion.

When installing the arms, the at-rest position of the blades should be determined before pushing the arm onto the pivot.
For 1989-93 Pick-ups and Ramchargers, the driver's side blade should be 1.84 in. (47mm) above the windshield weatherstripping at the heel of the blade; the passenger's side blade should be 2.24 in. (57mm) above the weatherstripping.

Nov 30, 2008.