2005 Dodge Stratus

Engine Mechanical problem
2005 Dodge Stratus 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 140000 miles

I was driving on the freeway and my car just died. I thought I was low on gas so I thought it might have just been out of gas so I called AAA.
We added gas and it didn't work. They said it was probably a fuel injector. So we towed it to my mechanic which I don't necessarily trust but don't know anyone else.
He says my timing belt broke on my 2005 Dodge Stratus SXT.
It has a 2.4 engine and 140,000 miles. He says it will be at least $1200 but won't know until he opens it up as he just opened the cover and said it broke.
I have been calling around for quotes. Some say just the timing belt and pump while others are saying likely valve damage.
Some say if there is valve damage it will cost the same to replace the engine as to fix the valves.
I'm getting so many different quotes and suggestions from mechanics that I really don't know who is telling me the truth.
I appreciate any advice. How likely is it the valves are damaged and if so should I replace the engine?
June 25, 2010.

Engine damage is very likely
but also you may be OK
so this is what I would do
have the timing belt put on
and do a compression test
they should be able to do it no problem
out of many I had done 1 was no good
and still every one comes in remove the old belt install new belt and do a compression test
if OK replace pump and other.
Good luck

Jun 25, 2010.
So do you think it is likely to be the timing belt? So should I ask to just replace the belt and run the compression test and if the test is ok then replace water pump and ": other"?
Also if the test I not ok what does that mean and what should I do in that case?
Sorry I am just trying to be clear. I appreciate the help.

Jun 25, 2010.
Not a problem feel free to ask it all

We do many and I ve seen a lot
each case is different the more I think about it the more I cannot remember more than one or two that was with head and valve problems

basically the only way to be sure that your engine is still any good is by replacing the timing belt
and then doing a compression test

if pass the compression test do replace water pump and put it all together

If failed compression test
then head must come of for repair
but know you now which cylinders that was effected and how many valve is needed

Jun 25, 2010.