1992 Dodge Spirit

Electrical problem
1992 Dodge Spirit 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 205000 miles

My left and right blinkers stopped working yesterday, Today I figured I would just get a new fuse, but when I did the blinkers still did not work. What else could be the problem?
March 9, 2008.

I am dealing with the same problem in a 93 Spirit, and here is what I found so far -
: idea: - the problem might be a "Flasher" which is an electrical component, usually located in the kneeboard-fusebox or near it -here is a link to help with the location (the dodge spirit location is down a bit)

Not promising anything, just sharing the info I've found so far. Going to try to replace this evening and hopefully that works, if not was going to look up how to Replace a RELAY for the turning signal and see if that helps. Best of luck to you. I will post results of my repairs - I hope you will do the same!

Mar 11, 2008.
Well, got a chance to mess with the flasher replacement yesterday, and it was hard to find! Basically, if you depress the parking break, lie down face-up under the steering wheel, and look up behind the fuse box (scooting your head to where the parking brake would normally be), you will see the sliver-cylinder-Flasher. However, ran into a problem. There was apparently supposed to be 4 Flashers (the square one for the Horn, the skinny one for the Ignition Delay Timing, and 2-short cylinders) However, I only found 3 (Square, Skinny, and one Regular). I yanked the one Regular and tested the Hazards-and yea they didn't work. I was at a loss, and it was late. This morning however, in an epiphany I realized that the same Flasher may serve both purposes. Seems weird though, that it could be for both hazards and turning lights, be broken, and have the hazards still working fine. -Anyway,

I got part EL12. This evening I'm going to just try to relpace the single flasher and keep the fingers crossed.

Mar 12, 2008.