1989 Dodge Spirit

Noises problem
1989 Dodge Spirit 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 90000 miles

I have been trying to pinpoint where knocking is coming from on the lower end on a 2.5 inline 4 cylinder Dodge Spirit. Have been told it could be piston slap, wristpin, or rod bearings. I had the pan off and tried to see if there was any play in the rod bearings and could not seem to find any. I have noticed that there is substancial play in the chain that drives the counter balancers and am wondering if this may be the problem. There is no noise when engine idles, only when RPMs are above 2000. Hope someone can help, Thanks
October 8, 2008.

Hi: If it's a knock, it's most likely rod or main bearings. Does the car have good oil pressure? Also, wrist pins can make a noise that sounds like a knock. To check it, you will need to plastigauge the rod and main bearings. To check the wrist pins, you will need to remove the pistons.

Let me know what you decide.