Dodge Ram

I was wondering if all of the Dodge Rams Foglites are wired to shut off when you use your brights or does mine have a problem? Whenever I turn my brights on on my 96' Ram 1500 2wd my foglites go out. I would like to keep them on and was wondering if there was an easy way to elimnate this from happening? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! : D
December 30, 2006.

Are they stock or aftermarkets? My guess is the foglight power wire is run into the headlight power wire, which will probobly be connected under the dash infront of the drivers seat. You could easily run a seperate power wire set up for it and run a new switch on the dash

Jan 2, 2007.
I bought my first Ram 1500 in '97 and I freaked out when I turned on the bright lights and the fog lamps went out. The dealer told me that is normal. I am on my 3rd Ram and they are work the same. Sorry- I know it sucks, but you might have to live with it-unless you want to rewire.

Jan 5, 2007.