2005 Dodge Ram

2005 Dodge Ram 1500 truck, 27,356 miles on the truck. We have been taking this truck to the Dodge dealer for the last six months with the same problem. When you come to a stop the engine stalls. It doesn't do it all the time. It doesn't matter if the truck is cold, if the air conditioner is on, if the fuel tank is full or not, no check engine lights, everything is still working but the engine just stalls. First time they changed the transmission filter and fluid. Next the dealer told me it stalls because the tranmission was a pint low of trans fluid (didn't fix the problem) which I told them they were the last ones to work on it. Then they said it was the Powertrain Control Mudule. That fixed it for about 858 miles. Now they are telling me that my brakes are making a hi pitched sound (which the human ear can't hear) and causing a front ABS wheel sensor to trun off the cruise control which then turns off the engine. Have you heard such a thing?
December 13, 2006.

Maybe change the brakes if that is the problem but I doubt that.

Dec 14, 2006.
I have a 1998 Durango and your problem sounds exactly like mine. I had the dealership do it for around $70 or so and my Durango hasn't stalled since. I wouldn't think that it would get dirty with so little miles, but you might be driving on dirt roads a lot. Also, a friend of mine has a Chevy truck and he had less miles than you and had to have his throttle body cleaned for the same reason and he doesn't drive on dusty/dirt roads that much.

You can do it yourself, at least so I have read on the internet. Would save you some money. Hope that helps!

Dec 20, 2006.