Dodge Ram

2001 Dodge Ram 1500 V6 120,000 miles
I'm having a confusing problem with my a/c. When I first turn it on, it will blow very cold for a few minutes (depending on how hot it is outside). After a few minutes the compressor switches off and doesn't want to come back on. If I switch the a/c off for a good while (30 mins or so) then switch it back on, it will blow cold for a few minutes again before the compressor shuts off again. There are no leaks, refrigerant level is good, and I have replaced the clutch cycling switch (as per advice) to no avail. I have been told there could be a problem with spacing in the clutch. Any suggestions on this spacing thing (like how to check/fix it) or other ideas on the problem would be greatly appreciated.
July 13, 2006.

You have to replace the clutch assembly.

Jul 15, 2006.
Sounds like it could be the high pressure switch, which should be located at the bottom left of the radiator but not on the radiator, I had the same problem with my 1996 Intrepid and that was the problem along with my fans constintly running. Good luck.

Jul 17, 2006.