2002 Dodge Ram

Shakes or Wobbles problem
2002 Dodge Ram V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 85500 miles

Accelerating from 0-29 is completely normal but from 30-about 40 my truck starts vibrating. Its not the most violent shaking Ive seen, but it shakes hard enough to rattle some of the plastic pieces in the cab like the cupholders. While Im imbetween 30 and 40 and its shaking, the second I let off the gas pedal its as smooth as ever, but as soon as I hit the gas pedal again it starts vibrating. It just started doing this saturday night, so its been doing it for about 2 days. I have a 1500 mile drive in about a week and need to get this fixed asap. Thanks for your help.
February 1, 2010.

Have you checked the most common things like tire balance? Have you checked the U-Joints?

Let me know.


I actually took it to a local tire shop so I could have the tires checked. The tires are just over a year old so I didn't think it was that but had them looked at anyways. While they had it up on the lift they checked out the drive shaft and told me that the bearing in the front Ujoint was shot and needed to be replaced. They also recomended replacing the rear Ujoint while they had the drive shaft off, so I had them do that one too. Is that what you would recomend too? It fixed the problem, there are no more shakes and vibration. I had a difficult time understanding why it would only shake between 30-40mph, can u explain?

Feb 3, 2010.