4X4 QUAD..CODE P0139

2002 Dodge Ram

Truck sat out all weekend and now it will not start. Checked the code and got this one but the CO2 has nothing to do with it starting. Just turns over and over. Was thinking maybe coil but just like that. Kinda wierd. But with blowing snow and damp conditions you never know. Any idea guys and if it's the coil anyone know where it is.I could follw the coil wire but on a 02 Dodge theh distributer is at the back of the engine compartment and it would be a hell of a climb.

February 26, 2007.

Check all the cars fuses. There should be 2 fuse boxes. Look for the one inside the car and also look under the hood for another fuse box. Make sure we are good there.
Do you get a spark?

Feb 27, 2007.