1999 Dodge Ram

Steering problem
1999 Dodge Ram 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 120K miles

Dodge with cummins diesel motor, I have replaced the power steering pump and the hydro boost pump for brakes. I bled the pump, but I still have air bubbles in the pump. Which bubbles oil out of the pump resvoir. I have to speed the motor up to get the power steering to take effect. It still does not have normal steering. I jacked the front end up to make steering eaiser but still have oil bubbling out of resvoir. I checked the pressure oil line going to hydro boost and everything seems ok there not collapes in the lines. Not sure what the problems is, both pumps are new reconditioned pumps?
February 1, 2010.

Did new PS pump come with vacuum pump? If not was oil seal replaced? When first started up was bleeding done by turning steering back and forth? Do brakes have assist?
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Feb 2, 2010.
HI There is no vacum pump on this. The pump goes to the hydoboost brake then down to the steering. What oil seal needed reaplaced? Yes the bleeding was done by turning wheels back and forth. The brake has a little assist. It bubbles oil out when you move the steering or used the brakes. THANKS Mark

Feb 2, 2010.