Dodge Neon

My daughter ownes a 2003 Dodge Neon 4cyl. Soc not HO. On Monday night the Check Engine Light goes on but with no appearant problems. Tuesday morning the car stalls at a red light (1/4 tank gas) but Check engine light is now out. Service diagnosis tells her to check Cam sensor/wiring harness/connectors, and she is also told that the timing is off. From reading other letters to you I note that timing belt is due change around 64,000 miles-she has 70,000 on the car. Is there a test that I can do with a multimeter to see if the Cam sensor is sending the correct signal at home and if so what are the parameters for proper operation. Since the incendent on Tuesday she has has no further problems but is hesitant to dirve the car. Is there a procedure for me to check trouble codes without buying a scanner?
March 14, 2007.

You don't have to buy the scanner, I recently had to use one on my 1999 Dodge Neon, just go to Auto Zone and you will have to pay $160.00 for the scanner but if you return it before 90 days Autozone will refund your money.

Tom 2
Oct 24, 2007.
I have a 2003 neon also and have the same problem, it will be okay for a while then start acting up again, now the catyltic converter is acting up and I think it is because I didn't change the camshaft sensor, the part only costs 30 bucks at auto zone so I would recommend replacing it before you have to come out of pocket for a catyltic converter and o2 sensor also.

Dec 13, 2007.