2005 Dodge Neon

Engine Performance problem
2005 Dodge Neon 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 78,000 miles

My car has been sputterin' when I try to pull off from a stop sign or red light. It's just very sluggish and shaky. I put it on the diagnostic machine at Auto zone and they said it was the spark plugs.I then took it to Advance, and they hooked it up to the same kind of machine, only THAT one said it was the cam-shaft sensor. PLEASE HELP! I'm a single mom with very little knowledge of cars. How do I know which part to buy?
December 17, 2009.

I think it would be best to call around for a repair shop that employs any technician who has ASE L1 certification, because the Neon may have misfire codes from many assorted problems showing up.
Try changing or looking at the plugs or getting a more precise scan from a shop instead of a parts store. The plugs, crank sensor, and many other parts, even more expensive may be bad. Ok Have you had it tuned up recently, it may need a tune-up. You can read all about how changing the plugs are part of this.
If you write down the codes and post your situation it would help. The Neon had some valve timing belt problems also.
Try and get a ride, take it slowly, at this point it may be better to trade it in, I know it is only 4 years old, but it is a smaller engine.

Dec 17, 2009.
After I posted this question, the car just "magically" stopped having that problem, so I assumed it was just bad gas. But NOW...(a couple months later) the problem has returned. It doesn't ALWAYS do it though. 9 times out of 10, it happens first thing in the morning, and usually always on very COLD mornings. (Don't know if that's just a coincidence or not, but I thought it was worth a mention) I've scheduled the car for a tune up in 3 days at a place where they hook up the really expensive diagnostic machine (as opposed to the cheaper ones at the parts stores) & (if this site will allow me to reply twice) I'll post the results here. I'll also ask them to check the valve timing belt then. I had planned on replacing it at 90,000 miles anyway, to avoid a more costly replacement in the future. I truly wish I could trade the car in as you suggested, but unfortunately, it's not paid off yet, so I'm stuck with it for the time being. I've been lucky though. It hasn't had any problems in the two years I've had it, other than the one I've described here, and I've kept up with the oil changes. Hopefully, the upcoming tune up will take care of that, as well as any other problems. (For now anyway...Knock on wood!) Thank you so much for your time & expertise! :) Sincerely, -Nikki (A single mom who really wishes she knew more about cars!!) ;)

Nikki, for a single mom your not doing too bad when it comes to cars. Have it tuned up and take it from there, I don't see any reason you can't post as many questions as you like and good luck, your welcome. Anytime

Feb 5, 2010.