1998 Dodge Durango

Engine problem
1998 Dodge Durango Engine Size unknown Four Wheel Drive Automatic 38000 miles

What should I expect to pay for a valve job and lifters?
Parker Hannifin
December 5, 2007.

  This job requires the heads to be removed. The removal of the heads in-and-of-itself is not hard, it's all the stuff you must move or take off to get to the heads. I would say anywhere from 1000$ to 2000$. If the valves are good then it may be a little cheaper. If the valves need replacing then it will be on the higher end. If the whole head needs replacing then a valve job is not required. Sometimes it's better to just replace the whole head with a rebuilt one. Look into this, it may be cheaper because, if when the head is removed it is found to be warped then it must be machined, adding to the cost. Keep me posted and good luck

Dec 5, 2007.