Dodge Dakota

98 dodge dakota 4X4, 5.2l, I have an unknown problem that I am trying to fix on my truck, am trying to narrow it down, and found the previous owner had removed the converter, could this lead to any problems with overall performance, if so what?
December 23, 2006.

No, a removed cat converter wouldnt cause a performance prob but your car needs one on it. Its against the law to have a car without one cause of emissions and what not. Atleast where I live its against the law to drive a car on the road without a cat converter

1992 Dodge Spirit
Jan 16, 2007.
That would be federal law!

The O2 sensors wouldn't like it and at the very least throw a code and a cel.

If you're not subject to the annual IM-240 program its okay-but polluting the air that people breaths is a No-no under the clean air act IAW the EPA In the US wide America.

Further-your A/F demand is not being adjusted properly w/o the O2 signal.

Jan 17, 2007.
There is a reason the converters are on there. Its the law for one, and to control back pressure in the exaust. By removing the cats in a non-high performance engine can polute the engine in time because it doesn't have a equal amount of flow. The O2 sensors don't know what to think so it sends a signal to everything to readjust, causing the engine to not run like it should from the manufacture. In time it will cause different problems. Put the cats back on and make sure your valves aren't burnt.

Jan 19, 2007.