2002 Dodge Dakota

2002 Dodge Dakota 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 120000 miles

420 and 430 engine codes came up after the check engine light came on. Both cat conveters operating
inefficiently. Both cats and all 4 O2 sensors might need replacing. Chrysler OEM parts will cost $1700.
Can I get aftermarket parts that will work and not
put on the check engine light? What aftermarket
brand names are recommended? Any part numbers or model numbers will help. I can't afford Chrysler prices at this stage of the trucks life and mine.
Terry Miller
October 14, 2009.

If this was mine, I would first try this. You may be able to buy it locally.

The converters and O2 sensors can get coated with contaminents and sometimes can be cleaned.

You may have a condition that is causing a rich condition that may be a source to go after afterwards.

If needed, I would use AP brand. #645899 If you have california emmissions, you may be stuck with the dealer.

Regarding the O2 sensors and the cats: How does one go about cleaning them? Also what does AP stand for in the parts mentioned?
Any help appreciated. Thanks

Oct 15, 2009.
It just gets added to the fuel tank. I have not used this myself, but I have heard from others that it does work. I have been able to get similiar results with different methods, but would suggest this to try.
You should be able to get this locally.

In the event that it does not work ( I think it stands a good chance to work), then this is my recommendation.
The ap is the converter brand of my choice and that is the part number for non California emissions. They put enough precious metals in the cat fo it to work right.
I only see one converter for the 6 cyl, are you sure you don't have a 4.7 or 5.9 motor?

I did not find any listed for the CA. emissions however. For the O2 sensors I would use Bosch brand.


Thanks for the follow up.
As to the engine it is a 3.9l V6. I looked at the exhast system and there are 2 cats. One on each side
just passed each manifold. There are two O2 sensors attatched to each cat. Now further back halfway to the muffler looks to me like another cat with no sensors attatched. I assume that the 2 cats up front are the ones that are bad and can be taken off and the new ones reattatched to the existing exhaust system. The 420 code was for bank 1 cat and the 430 was for bank 2 cat the repair shop told me. I hope I don't need the whole system replaced. What
do you think? Thanks.

Oct 16, 2009.
Yours must be the california compliance exhaust?

I would definitley try cleaning first. You will have to replace them if it doesn't work. Those 2 codes do often lead to replacement in many cases.

Po420 and po430 are considered the kiss of death codes on converters. It isn't always true. Replacing them may be a temporary fix as would be cleaning them if there is something causing the converters to become contaminated.

I can not get a diagram to see if the cats are replaceable separetly. Some of the dodge ones are all part of the front pipe.

I will try to clean them first since it won't cost much and could work.
I took another look at the exhaust system and it is one complete unit just short of the muffler where there is a clamp connection. So if I have to replace it looks like it will be the whole cat unit.
Thanks for your help.

Oct 17, 2009.
YEah, that's what I thoght. IF you use the cataclean as recommended, Post the results please.