1995 Dodge Dakota

Electrical problem
1995 Dodge Dakota 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 114000 miles

95 dakota sport p.U, had fuel pump replaced twice, 1st time guage did not move off full, 2nd time would not drop below 2/3 though it will move to full when u top off tank worked ok b4, also does not go 2 empty when ignition off, bad ground, phantom positive reading? Shop now wants to charge $85. For diagnosis, if problem is not in sending unit ! Im baffled, & " mad" , any input? They said 1st pump was bad out of box, upgraded to spectrum pump, essiently same problem. HELP, thank you
September 30, 2010.

The only thing it can be is the rheostat on the float. They can check it before replacing the pump. All they need to do is check resistance.